Technical Assistance for Alignment in Organ Donation Project

Managed under the AlmavivA leadership with Ankara University and BYS Group, “Technical Assistance for Alignment in Organ Donation Project” is aimed to develop quality and safety standards for human organ donation and transplantation, to harmonize of the EU acquis communautaire in the area cadaveric organ donation, to strengthen database structure and to increase donation rates.

The Project is co-funded by EU and Turkish Republic and audited by CFCU. The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the beneficiary of the Project.


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the harmonization with and implementation of the EU acquis communautaire in the area of public health, specifically focusing on increasing cadaveric organ donation in Turkey. The purpose of the project is to ensure quality and safety standards for human organ donation and transplantation in medical treatment.


Expected Results

Results to be achieved :

  1. Turkish organ transplantation and donation legislation harmonized with that of EU
  2. Health care personnel’s knowledge and awareness on organ donation and transplantation improved
  3. The safety and quality of human organs improved
  4. Public awareness of organ donation and transplantation increased
  5. Bilateral agreements or protocols on organ transplantation and donation signed


Activities will be realized under the project’s scope:

  • Harmonizing Turkish organ transplantation and donation legislation with that of EU
  • ToT for 160 specialists,
  • Training for 1500 specialists,
  • 2 international symposiums,
  • Developing statistical data collection system
  • Developing auditing forms for Transplant Centers
  • 4 study visits to selected EU countries,
  • 4 media information meetings,
  • 2 information meetings for Religious Affairs Personnel and NGOs,
  • Preparing Communication Plan
  • Preparing activities for increasing public awareness about organ donation
  • 4 bilateral agreements and protocols with EU countries


Increasing health care personels knowledge on Organ Transplantation, giving trainingsi, developing current training programme and preparing educational courses relevant to Organ Transplantation.

Special activities relevant to organ donation and transplantation will be held for health care personel.


The training provided will cover all aspects of the revised organ donation and transplantation system, including principles, classifications, working methods, legislations, statistical and computational issues. Both conceptual and practical issues will be covered, including problem-solving hands-on work with the new systems (some of which may still be under development.)  Training will be tailored according to the training needs assessed.


Communication strategies documents’, information meetings with media representatives and  awareness  meetings Muftis and  Religious Affairs representatives  are organized  for  increasing awareness onc organ transplantation and donation


Project will be realized under AlmavivA leadership and BYS Group and Ankara University partnership.

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  • AlmavivA's Healthcare and Public Services Unit assists Government entities dealing with healthcare in order to achieve excellent results, with respect to the efficiency, cost and quality of their services to the pub.
  • BYS Group, provides consultancy, planning and application services in the fields of project management, IT, statistics, biostatistics and energy for its selected business partners on behalf of increasing their brand value and institutional capacity. In close cooperation with the universities in the academic arena, BYS Group fully commands data management analytics -analysis and data mining applications, such as ORACLE products, SAS products, IBM SPSS products, RUMM, MATLAB, STATA, MINITAB, and LISREL.
  • Since its foundation in 1945, AUFM continues to provide high quality health service to our people and it also contributes to our nationwide need for medical doctors considerably by graduating approximately 300 young doctors per year. Postgraduate specialty training programs which started with a single resident in 1948, are currently training more than 400 residents. Ankara University Faculty of Medicine (AUFM) consists of; clinics with 2500 bed capacity, outpatient units, laboratories, classrooms, meeting halls, library, administrative and social buildings which are deployed in İbn-i Sina Hospital, Cebeci Campus, Abidinpaşa Public Health Center, and Morphology Building. AUFM ranks one of the best qualified centers in Turkey concerning both patient care and research activities because of its bed capacity in line with the provision and implementation of high technology and latest advances in medicine
  • There are 2 foreign key experts are in the Project Team


NGOs in the project:

TONKKD, Türk Yoğun Bakım Derneği, Anestezi ve Reanimasyon Derneği, Türk Böbrek Vakfı and ONKOD will play an important role.


This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Almaviva S.p.A. and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union